10th WIFSA World Open Inline Figure Skating Brwinów – Poland 2020

We gladly inform that 10th WIFSA World Open in Inline Figure Skating will take place in Brwinów, Poland on 15th-19th July 2020.

Below please find the competition Announcement (with all the details of competition Entry rules – please read them carefully) and all the Entry Forms:

  • WO Brwinów 2020 ANNOUNCEMENT – PDF
  • 02. HOTEL FORM – DOC
  • 04. Competitor’s HEALTH FORM – DOC

All Entries must be done by Online Registration System (ORS) (http://ors.vistream.com.pl/)

Apart from Entry in ORS, the above Forms should be sent to wo2020poland@gmail.com, while the music to music.wo2020poland@gmail.com (please refer to the ANNOUNCEMENT for more details!).

Please note that Hotel capacities can be only booked via Organizing Committee (OC) by Hotel Form. Hotel Forms have to be sent to the OC. The OC would not guarantee the availability of rooms.

After payment and hotel request confirmation, the Entries will be confirmed in ORS.

The deadlines for entries are as below:

world open brwinow 2020

The event Facebook fanpage is: www.facebook.com/wobrwinow2020

Media and institutions and private persons interested in partnership or sponsorship of the event are invited to contact us via email:


or by phone: +48 509 173 043